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What You’ll Learn

The Winners’ Guide is an inspirational true story that will take you on a journey to the depths of reality, helping you discover the absolute power within your heart to change the world you experience – with just your thinking.

  • The Art Of Positive Thinking
    What does it mean to think positively, and the effects it can have on our lives.
  • Taking Full Responsibility
    Learn why taking control of your own destiny is the best way to realize it!
  • Letting Go Of The Past
    Learn how to let go of what doesn’t serve your goals, dreams and happiness.
  • Financial Freedom
    Uncover a proven strategy for finding financial freedom doing what you love.
  • Finding Your Why
    Learn how to use love to create motivation to achieve the seemingly unachievable.
  • Discover Your Life Purpose
    Discover the path that leads you to discover your purpose in life.
  • Massive Confidence
    You’ll discover how to believe in yourself and see yourself as a winner.
  • Leveraging Resources
    Learn how to maximise your current resources, friends and energy.
  • Overcoming Fear
    Learn how to overcome ANY fear that’s holding you back.

And so much more.. Over 300 pages of life changing wisdom…

The Mission

To inspire you to discover and monetize your purpose, follow your heart and live your dreams.

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Meet The Author

Kyle’s a high energy, big hearted entrepreneur with huge ambitions to do good things for our world. Born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1988, the eccentric twenty-seven year old self-proclaimed internet geek started building websites at the age of twelve. This entrepreneurial spark would see Kyle go on to build a handful of online businesses (some successful, others not) before taking a hiatus from business to travel the world, gaining as much experience as possible to write an amazing 308 page self-help book sharing a story that inspires you to follow your heart, monetize your purpose and live your dreams.

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